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Project :  Way out

A project close to the heart of Watson Parr Group, there are so many people homeless in the UK, we feel the issue or dare we say epidemic should be addressed by all good building contractors.

This is relatively new to the Watson Parr Group, we are still in the research stages...but needless to state we will be employing at least 30 percent of the workforce through our homeless project , offering an intensive training programme to each qualifying candidate along with accommodation which, if the funding is acquired and met ( to our expectations) the newly employed candidates will self build as a team.

We are also hoping to have other services in place such as appointed ambassadors to assist in the day to day running of a home to ensure the candidates dont end up homeless in the future.

Watson Parr Group are currently seeking crowd funding , so that we can purchase land for the development of the self build properties ,materials and the ongoing support team.

Its important that we realise,people are  homeless for many many different reasons,they do not choose to become homeless.

Shelter estimates that there are at least 320,000 homeless people in Great Britain.

A very alarming fact....

On average, homeless people die at just 47 years old

Homelessness is devastating, dangerous and isolating.

People sleeping on the street are almost 17 times more likely to have been victims of violence. More than one in three people sleeping rough have been deliberately hit or kicked or experienced some other form of violence whilst homeless.

Homeless people are over nine times more likely to take their own life than the general population. 

There has to be a time when us, fellow human beings say enough is enough, stand up and help ?

We need help and support from everyone...if you feel you can make a difference please get in touch with mike@watsonparrgroup.com