Watson Parr Group

Built on good foundations

Conservation and Listed Buildings

Throughout Watson Parr Group history we have undertaken a variety of projects to listed and historic buildings. This experience ranges from small scale repairs and refurbishment to the complete rebuilding of dilapidated properties, within tight, inner city terraces and large, country estates. 

Our team can display an expertise in the specialist requirements, legislation and appropriate construction methods required for working within listed buildings and bring with them the benefit of years of experience to each project. In all listed and historic projects we take great care in working to preserve and restore desirable features with close liaison with English Heritage and other authorities as experience under archaelogical watching briefs. 


Sensitivity is paramount in any work, no matter the size or scale, but particularly with Listed work. Close management and careful selection of all specialist subcontractors is vital in making the project a seamless process from start to finish whilst achieving the highest level of quality required in line with the consent provided.